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Rosie Bell
Member Name: Rosie Bell

Position: Director

Company Name: See the Light Personal & Business Transformation

Business Description: I provide various packages addressing Personal goal setting and achievement, Transitional coaching including NLP and Relationship and Family Coaching. My products include single coaching sessions, 3, 4, and 6 month packages. Additionally I deliver training through seminars and to business and organisations including topics regarding Personal Development, goal setting, leadership, Finding Direction and Managing Family and Work Commitments. I am available as a guest speaker. Coaching support products are available on my website and include Rock Solid Parenting Audio and Mini Coaching Program Self Coaching Packages Rock Solid Parenting Facebook Program is a 365 day motivational and study group. Disc Profiling NLP sessions I am available to chat with you to discuss any of your interests In my work.

Reallogic Club: Perth Central

Business Classification: Parenting and Relationship Profiling

Business Phone: 0417 939 434    Business Fax:


Email Address:

Business Address: 20 Stinson Square, Iluka, Western Australia, 6028



Twitter: thebellrosie

Skype: rosie.bell57

Additional Information from Rosie Bell — See the Light Personal and Business Transformation

Generally success for most people = work success + happy home life.  When you are busy in your own business often your partner wants you back and you kids want more of you!  What I do is work with high achievers stuck in the squeeze between career, relationships and family. Most people working these days want a better lifestyle that means not only do they want achievement in work but mostly they want to create a happy and successful family and to live the life they dream of. I do personal and business coaching however my signature program is the Parenting “MindWorks” Program based on 30 years of working with families. I assist high achieving parents to develop a consolidated parenting framework and a family lifestyle this means consolidating their beliefs attitudes and actions as a parent. We strengthening the parents relationship because most people want their relationship to last longer than their parenting journey  then we build systems and patterns to make life easier. I love this work because many parents tell me they are overwhelmed confused exhausted with too much parenting information! It is wonderful when parents can turn things around to explore their values, past history and truly understand how they want their Lives to be.  Developing their own family framework allows parents relief from the burden of meeting society demands and gives them strength and confidence to carry out what is important to them. Not only do they gain emotional intelligence we are able to delete negative past history and strengthen the families inner resources.   My work has its roots in child development, attachment theory, family work, coaching success principles, NLP and DiSC profiling.  I offer coaching packages for individuals and those in transition but my signature program is called “MIndworks” because it all starts with dreaming, believing, thinking it through and actioning a system that enables quality of life, confidence and direction. Understanding your values and beliefs is important because every action, every attitude and every belief we have about parenting starts in the mind.  Working with me cracks the squeeze and allows parents to be the best they can be. more than that that it gives piece of mind agreement between parents about what matters most and makes living with kids less dramatic more calm so everyone can be happier.  My business is called See The Light because when problems and get sorted when dilemmas are resolved and change happens people say…”Now I can see the light”   Let me know if you want to catch up over Skype or a coffee to learn more about how we both work and could assist each other.

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