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Company Name: Atwick Ferres

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Business Address: 50 Ventnor Ave, West Perth, Western Australia, 6005





Additional Information from Ron Jones — AtwickFerres — Workplace Advisers

What we do:

We solve workplace problems.

We support managers implement effective strategies to build compliance and organizational resilience in  the areas of employee relations and Workplace Safety and Health.

Our approach focuses on aligning workplace practices with organizational values and goals and building internal management capability.

To achieve this we undertake:

  • Enterprise strategy development
  • Contract and enterprise agreement negotiation,
  • Development of Enterprise Management Plans
  • Advocacy and representation
  • Policy and procedure development.
  • Training and development,

What our clients say:

Now I can sleep at night!

Our experience:

Our experience of over 25 years in industrial relations and human resource management has provided a strong basis for understanding the areas of workplace risk within your organisation and how they can be addressed.

Case Study 1

Privately owned and very successful mining and construction support company with more than 40 employees was seeking to expand its operations into the resources area. To do so, the company needed enterprise agreements to be in place.

There were no enterprise agreements in place and all employment was regulated internally through employment contracts. These contracts were not compliant with the applicable awards or employment standards.

An overall strategy was developed and led to the successful adoption of a set of enterprise agreements registered with Fair Work.

Case Study 2

A successful professional services consulting and solutions company has operated for over 10 years and increased employment to 25 consultants.

As a result of the development of new technology that provides for improved internal efficiency, as well as significant changes in the external environment, changes are now required to both the management and operating structures.

A strategy for communicating changes and implementing redundancies and internal realignment was developed and successfully implemented.

Case Study 3

A large not-for-profit organization was undergoing significant change in the delivery of its overall Human Resource Management plan and needed to improve the level of understanding of workplace change amongst line managers.

An internal training and information session was organized and conducted, resulting in the development of improved competency and accountability standards being implemented across the organization.

Case Study 4

A small specialised manufacturing business had a complex Workers Compensation case to manage.

A review of the employee’s competencies was undertaken and a revised role developed for him to undertake. The claim was closed off quickly resulting in limited exposure for the company.

A review of safety standards was then undertaken and a Health and Safety Plan developed and successfully implemented.

Case Study 5

A large hospitality group with a number of iconic brand name outlets required an assessment of its overall risk in complying with award conditions and employment standards.

A review was undertaken and a set of compliant template documents developed for use across all sites.



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