When you join a donation is made to B1G1 that helps those less fortunate to manage and survive.

Each Club may select their own worth cause within B1G1 and these funds will go straight to those who need it.

What you’ve just seen is happening globally right now. It’s a world where:

Business people are standing up collectively to join this movement to proudly show that business can and does make a positive impact: every second, every day and in every way Ordinary everyday transactions give back automatically using the B1G1 giving ‘engine’ to make a huge difference.

It’s amazing what happens.

Someone buys a book, a tree gets planted. People dine out, hungry children get fed. Someone buys a cup of coffee, people in Africa get access to pure, clean water as a direct result.

And much, much more; all automatically. And it’s very simple.

big1 business charity

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