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Why start another Networking/Referral Company?

referrals payI was part of another major organisation where members remarked on just how inflexible the company was and how difficult it was to build a membership base. It was also hard to attract certain categories of businesses, given that they were usually at work when the meetings were held or getting kids to school.

There must have been other reasons for wanting to take on a project of this type?

The fact that it was compulsory to attend meetings, pay for meals you maybe didn’t want and be part of leadership groups were some other factors, along with 4 meetings a month and the fact they were at 7am in the morning.

So, in a nutshell what have you done to improve these issues?

First of all we listen to what people want in a networking club. We have only 2 meetings per month and it is up to the particular club as to when the meeting is held. There are no compulsory meals to be had and attendance is not compulsory. There are no leadership positions (other than Club Manager and Assistant Club Manager ), there are no committees or committee meetings and no extra meetings.

Well how about a couple of facts on joining the company? What does it cost to join? Is there a Nomination/Joining Fee and a Membership Fee? Can we pay the Membership Fee off?

First of all there is, no Nomination/Joining Fee, but there is a 12 month Membership Fee payable. The cost of membership is $ 895.00 for 12 months, and YES, we do have a payment plan in place that allows businesses to pay their membership off without any long and involved applications.

I heard there was a Company Guarantee?

That’s right. The guarantee is very simple, “If you do not get a return from referrals that at least covers the cost of your membership”, then Reallogic will refund you 100% of your paid Membership Fees. * Conditions Apply ( See Conditions )

Apparently your Training Segments will be quite innovative. How will this be handled?

Because we have only two meetings per month we intend to work these so members are very aware of what is on offer from all their colleagues. Our normal meeting will be very constructive and will be based on one to one speed dating sessions and round table discussions on everyone’s businesses. The other Training Session will be aimed at providing professional speakers to address the members at functions where all Clubs can meet at the one time. This will also allow for better exposure and networking amongst the entire company – not just your own club.

Sounds like you guys have some fun in Reallogic! Tell me more..

An opportunity is provided for Members of all Clubs come together approximately every 8 weeks for a Sundowner. A range of venues and activities are being arranged so every event will be a new experience. Even our Training Days will be at different locations to make things more interesting.

Is there anything you wish to add about Reallogic that I should know before I make a decision to join a Networking Organisation?

What I can tell you is that we at Reallogic are “KISS” theory exponents. We are not here to complicate matters for you, we are not here to hold your hand or stand over you. We will, however, provide every bit of support possible to make your association with your Club and its members a fruitful one. After all, your faith in us is as important as the return on your investment.

Finally, I just need to know how to get with the programme?

Go to the top right of this page and complete the short form. We will contact you shortly to arrange a chat about how we might be able to add value to your business.

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