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Vision: To bring quality, innovative networking to Perth’s social and business communities.

Red Carpet Networking is the gathering together of all types of Social, Business and Corporate Networking clubs and Special Interest groups to cross promote one another more effectively and efficiently under the one umbrella.

These clubs will maintain their individual identity and operate in their current format but grow stronger through their association with the Red Carpet Networking Community.

The one thing we know is, there are many types of networking clubs and special interest groups available to us. What we don’t know however, is where to find out about them or when their activities are going to be held. There has been no single place to go and see “What’s On” in Networking in Perth, until now.

Red Carpet Networking aims to provide a One Stop Shop for you to locate and attend the networking or corporate functions that appeal to you. We are working closely with Networking Organizers, Speakers, Trainers and Event Management companies to obtain this information.

As we receive the information of the activities planned by these various clubs and groups, we will collate it and then pass this onto you via our monthly “Networker’s Newsletter” and through our very comprehensive Calendar of Events on the website.

We are also creating a Business Directory of products and services for all businesses to be a part of. So, not only can you instantly check what is planned in and around Perth in the Social and Corporate Networking arena, but you will be able to locate quality goods and service providers as well.

Feel free to contact us at: if you have an event in the making or wish to promote your particular club or group to more people.

Red Carpet Networking is where you select your level of involvement and “Opting In” is FREE.


Enquire now by calling us on 0401 966 356  or email us at: 

*   Remember you do  not have to attend networking meetings with Red Carpet Networking.

*   Retail and Tradespeople this is your ideal way of promoting your business and service to a major networking data base of people for a very low cost.

We look forward to welcoming you to Red Carpet Networking

Gary Pontifex

“The Networking Guy”

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