Calendar of Events


Red Carpet Networking aims to provide the most accurate, up to date information on “What’s Happening” in the Social and Business Networking circles of Perth.

For this to happen however, we require details of events planned by speakers, trainers, educators and social organisers to create an informative calendar. If you are the convener of an event, then please put Red Carpet Networking on your data base list to let us know.

We need your information so we can pass event details to the world (well Perth, anyway).

Because there are so many clubs and groups to keep check of, we require everyone’s help. Please forward any events where you receive an invitation to us so we can include it on the main list. No matter what event, we need to know about it, as not everyone is on everyone else’s data base.

Sharing this information will strengthen the response to all events and let people who would not normally have known of an event, to then be aware of it.

To access the latest information on events planned for Perth please go to

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