Whilst your attendance at our meetings is not compulsory, we would hope you make every effort to attend at least one meeting per month. You will appreciate that if members do not see you and the group interaction does not take place, then passing referrals to you will be difficult. We can’t stress enough just how important it is to attend these meetings – but that’s up to you. It’s ultimately your business.

reallogic will provide you with the tools to learn and build your business, but if you don’t attend and contribute then you will not see the returns you expect.

We have reduced the number of meetings per month and will leave the choice of meeting time up to each individual club. Most importantly, more people should have less trouble attending.



Members of reallogic attend regular meetings to build business relationships. These meetings are held every two weeks at a time and day of the club members choice. The meetings are an opportunity to promote your business to the group via presentation segments and open discussion. Valuable friendships and business partnerships are established through the network and referrals flow.

The meetings will be of 75 to 90 minutes in duration with a set format. The Club Manager will officiate at each meeting to ensure that it all runs smoothly and will endeavour to mix and match our meetings format to cater for those in attendance. Because we meet twice a month we have designed our meetings format into two main presentations.

The first meeting of the month will be based around Member Presentations. Each member will have the opportunity to promote their business to the group. The format for these sessions will be flexible depending on the number of members and visitors present and could be in either of three formats, including a “One to One Speed Dating Sessions”, “Round Table Discussions” OR “Member Presentations”.

The second meeting of the month will include our Training and Education segment run by a professional presenter. Our members are shown ways of building their business, looking after clients and staff, networking, communication, delegation, recognising referrals and lots more. Utilising the services of a professional adds value to your experience as a member.

We actively encourage our members to bring guests or visitors to each meeting where they also are given an opportunity to promote their business to all the members.


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