At Reallogic we don’t believe in weighing you down with lots of conditions and policies, however, we will outline a few points that you should be aware of when joining us.

1. An individual member can join only one Reallogic Club.

2. A business may have more than one member in Reallogic, providing they have a different nominated member in each club.

3. Members are permitted to be involved in or be a member of another referral organisation.

4. Members must promote their product or service and not a business (ie: MLM companies).

5. There can be only one business or member per category per club.

6. Member category or club changes may be permitted at no extra cost, on application to the Director.

7. Reallogic members are required to attend fortnightly meetings of their club. In certain circumstances you may not be able to do this and some flexibility will be allowed.

8. Members are encouraged to send a substitute in their place to cover meeting attendance.

9. Reallogic will be responsible for advising members of our Fortnightly Meetings. The Club Manager or Assistant will be responsible for running those meetings on the day.

10. Members are asked to contact their Club Manager or Assistant Manager if they are unable to attend a meeting.

11. Members are required to be proactive in bringing Guests / Visitors to build the club’s numbers

12. Members are required to be proactive in bringing Referrals for other members.

13. Members give permission to pass their contact details to prospective referral clients.

14. Members are accepted into Reallogic on the understanding they have all relevant government licences and insurances to carry on their business in a legal manner.

15. Member’s “Special Offers” and company promotions must be copied to Reallogic.

16. Members are required to show respect to fellow colleagues in their club at all times.

17. Members should be puctual and prepared for all meetings out of respect for fellow members.

18. Members should action referrals within the day they are received and advise the referrer of this.

19. Membership issues will be handled in the first instance by the Club Manager and Assistant Manager.

20. Membership may be terminated for abuse or non compliance of Conditions and Guidelines.

21. The Director’s decision will be final on all matters within Reallogic.

22. Membership Fees are valid for a 12 month period from the date of sign up or renewal.

23. Membership Renewal Fees must be paid at least 30 days prior to the due date.

24. Membership Fees are Non–refundable and Non–transferable.

25. To be eligible for a refund under the Reallogic Guarantee, you must have during the first 12 months of membership, attended at least one meeting per month, introduced 2 or more guests or visitors to our meetings and helped others in the club by passing quality referrals.

26. Referrals passed by members are done in good faith and anyone using a referred party is required to do their own due diligence on the business prior to engaging them.

27. All Conditions and Guidelines are subject to change at any time. ( The website will contain all up to date information and will override any printed brochures or handouts ).

PS:  Non Members are permitted to attend a maximum of two (2) meetings before they must decide on joining Reallogic. Payment of Membership Fees of choice will then be required before further attendance.

PPS:  If a member does not attend a meeting for a period of one (1) month or 2 successive meetings, then this would indicate that they are not interested in being part of Reallogic any more.  NB: This will of course not include Holiday periods or Illness where Reallogic has been advised beforehand. Membership may be terminated immediately, so other businesses wishing to join may do so.

NB: This termination may be done without consultation with the member involved, but simply by letter confirming the fact.

Members are Encouraged to Bring the Following to Each Meeting

Visitors To let them experience the event and consider joining
Referrals To assist other members grow their business.
Information Advise what’s new about their business or a company.
Attitude Believe in our referral business and help make it grow.
Enthusiasm Arrive early so meetings can start on time.
A Smile Remember to have some fun, each and every time.

The management look forward to being able to welcome you as a new member of Reallogic. We will help you build your business with quality referrals from our current membership while you help us build our company. Your relationship with some club members will go way beyond business and you will develop long lasting friendships.

Our aim is simple: to see you expand your business and have fun doing so.

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