Terry Lee — Terry Lee Financial Services

Member Name: Terry Lee

Position: Director

Company Name: Terry Lee Financial Services

Business Description: “Wealth manager+ wealth grower=wealth creator. We can help!”

Reallogic Club: Leederville

Business Classification: Financial Planner

Mobile Phone: 0411 232 680

Business Phone: (08) 9315 9249    Business Fax: (08) 9315 9251

Website: www.wealthgrowers.com.au

Email Address: terryslee@bigpond.com

Business Address: 55a Kishorn Rd, Mt Pleasant, Western Australia, 6153





Additional Information from Terry Lee — Terry Lee Financial Services

We follow a MGK approach – you MAKE the money we help you GROW it and you get to KEEP it.

My financial planning business was established in 1988. I now serve over a thousand clients from my own premises in Applecross. I’m here to uplift you from a financial lightweight to heavyweight, even the middleweight can apply. I provide financial education through seminars to my clients. Continuous education is the key to success.

I am the owner/licensee as well as the adviser. My motto is “customers are treated like god“. Your calls and emails will be returned within 24 hrs.

As a financial adviser our firm donates 1% of our turnover to local charities every year. www.meridianglobal.org

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