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Member Name: Tania Byrnes

Position: Director

Company Name: Australian Business Breakthroughs

Business Description: I work with you to improve the performance of your business, it's cashflow and your bottom line, through better control and understanding of your business financials.

Reallogic Club: Perth Central

Business Classification: Business Analyst

Mobile Phone: 0407 738 800

Business Phone: 040 773 8800    Business Fax: 08 9524 2688

Website: www.australianbusinessbreakthroughs.com.au

Email Address: tania@australianbusinessbreakthroughs.com.au

Business Address: Baldivis, Western Australia, 6171

LinkedIn: au.linkedin.com/in/taniabyrnes/




Additional Information from Tania Byrnes — Australian Business Breakthroughs

Explaining what I do can sometimes be a little difficult without mentioning some words which may help you fall asleep! (such as budget!) However, what I do in practice and how it helps clients is why I love my work.  Here are some examples of how I have helped clients in their businesses:

I helped a Lawyer who runs a “no win, no fee” model. She funded expenses for her clients until their case was settled. This meant there was a massive drain on her own cashflow for the duration of the case. I worked with her to determine exactly what portion of her business capital was “tied up” in client fees (that would be reimbursed) and the average amount of time it was tied up for. This gave her critical information to take to a bank and access a line of credit so that it freed her own funds up for her business and for her own income (which she had well and truly earnt!)

Another client owned a retail store that was part of a shopping complex. The complex was new and so the store had started in a growth phase. I produced a report which showed the financial position of the store in a way that clearly showed there was growth from day one. With some income projections to show the future potential of the business. This was used as a tool to sell his business.

I also carry out regular reviews and work with clients, long term, to help guide their businesses through better understanding of its financial health. The 7 Step Profit Boosting Program used by Australian Business Breakthroughs has been tried and tested many times and can be backed up with proven results.

Results that have been achieved in the past using our analysis tools include:

  • In FOUR Weeks:6% improvement in Gross Profit
  • In ONE Month:Loss to Profit (Equivalent to 13% of Turnover)
  • In FOUR Months:10% Improvement in Net Profit
  • In SEVEN Months:Turnover up by 37% and Net Profit up by 64%

With businesses obtaining results like these, why wouldn’t you go ahead and take the step to get the ball rolling and contact me today.

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