Philip Platcher — Human Risk Management

Member Name: Philip Platcher

Position: Director

Company Name: Human Risk Management Group

Business Description: Human Risk Management Group is a holistic business support services for Small to Medium Businesses that do not have the resource or funding to have full employees in various parts of their business. These are such areas as: •HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT •HEALTH, SAFETY & ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT •INDUSTRAIL RELATIONS •QUALITY ASSURANCE & DOCUMENT CONTROL •TENDERING ASSISTANCE •COMPLIANCE CHECKS •SUPPORT AND ADVICE ASSISTANCE •MARKETING •OUTSOURCING SERVICES We are "THE CLEAR CHOICE" in business support that protects your business from internal and external risk, plus ensures that your business succeeds for the future. To make your business reach its optimum performance, it should not be difficult. That's why we have experts that you assist you to take the obstacles out of the way to make business grow faster. HRM GUARANTEE We make sure that we take into account your business requirements and at the same time do the necessary things to make your business grow and flourish more. With our help, you will be able to focus more on the functionality aspect of your business. We guarantee that our service really works. If it fails, then we will be rendering our service free of charge. That's our guarantee.

Reallogic Club: Cockburn Central

Business Classification: Human Resources Management Consultants

Mobile Phone: 0423 467 262

Business Phone:     Business Fax:


Email Address:

Business Address: 12 Harley Close, Safety Bay, Western Australia, 6169





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