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Member Name: Pauline Song

Position: Business Developer / Investor

Company Name: BBX Central Perth

Business Description:

As the economy engages with turbulent and violent financial challenges, Pauline Song believes a financial game changer strategy will be to embrace barter trading as a value contender to business exchanges of goods and services. This is the good old fashion business based on trust, friendship and integrity before physical currency was used as a means for exchange.

A viable solution to closing the gap between the rich and the poor is for those who have to release it to those who requires it. The law of reciprocity is the more you give, the more you receive. There will be no lack if only those who have are willing to share or swap it for something they need.

An advocate for redistribution of wealth, Pauline Song knows she has to break barriers of hardened mindset of the notion that CASH is KING. She is on a mission to seek out and build up a community of open-minded and genuine business persons who are willing to consider swapping their excess inventories or idle services within her community of organized cashless trading platform.

Reallogic Club: Perth

Business Classification: Marketing / Advertising

Mobile Phone:

Business Phone: (08) 6189 5353    Business Fax: (08) 6323 0448


Email Address:

Business Address: 100 Lake Street, Northbridge, Western Australia, 6003




Skype: paulinesong.

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