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Position: Business Coach and Mentor

Company Name: Pauline Bright

Business Description: Coach, Mentor, Sounding Board and Cheerleader for business owners whose day to day operations sometimes fall short of their vision. Knowing your numbers and understanding the financial side of your business is the foundation for success. I teach numbers in a language you can understand - even if you think you're not good at it! Once the financial foundation is in place, we work together on... * implementing sales and marketing strategies that WORK to find and keep your ideal customers / clients * Get rid of chaos and create calm controled "smooth running" with systems * Find, train and keep enthusiastic hard working employees * Get your LIFE back - you'll take holidays - I insist on it!

Reallogic Club: Mandurah

Business Classification: Business Coach

Mobile Phone: 0413 739 196

Business Phone: (08) 9581 9120    Business Fax: (08) 9581 7838


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Business Address: PO Box 2373 Mandurah DC , Western Australia, 6210


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Additional Information from Pauline Bright — Pauline the Coach

Brain Surgeon or Branson?


When it comes to business models, one size definitely does not fit all!


 If you’ve been trying to squeeze your small or micro business into a traditional “corporate style”, or “go big or go home” model it’s likely that you are living with more stress than you can cope with and feelings  of inadequacy about why others can do it but you can’t seem to get your s*#t together to make it work.



It feels like having a job with an unreasonable, demanding (slightly out of control) boss – and that’s not what you set out to do.


 Seriously, that’s NOT what business is all about – overwhelm sucks!


 It’s meant to be enjoyable and liberating and under control … it’s meant to give you a life… not leg rope you to an average job paying below average wages for more overtime than is reasonably sane!


 Ok – so that’s the OLD outdated way of doing business… OUT with that…


 And IN with the NEW boutique style of business that gives you


·         more confidence


·         more money


·         more passion, energy and enthusiasm


·         more flexibility and more FREEDOM…




There are 2 models:




 The elegant, in demand, simple “Brain Surgeon” way of doing business – where YOU are the expert in your field… doing the highest value “technical” work that you love that has relevance and meaning for people who appreciate you – you innovate, you stay at the cutting edge (pun intended!) AND it just happens to make buckets of money!


 …and you have other people doing the stuff you really don’t like or are not good at.









The “Branson” way of doing business where you take your passion and creativity and put it into growing your business to explore its true potential.


 You have multiple streams of focus; you’re good at delegating, managing and leading people; love the nitty gritty of “creation” (but seriously don’t like day to day running of it); THRIVE on adrenaline; and don’t mind losing a little sleep to get where you’re going.



…and you have other people doing the stuff you really don’t like or are not good at.


 Either way, these are the businesses I work with – small or micro, agile, creative, action oriented and FUN.


 AND THE STRATEGIES ARE QUITE DIFFERENT!!! You can’t muddy the waters.


 That’s my specialty – the stuff I love to do – help business owners work out what they want and the strategies they need to get the max from themselves and their business. It’s something I’ve been doing for 9 years with excellent success. My clients win awards and so do I.



It’s part coaching, part mentoring, part educating, part strategizing – part “messing with your head” (i.e. thinking differently) because when you learn to think differently you can rule your world.




You can do it in a group of we can work one on one.


 It’s systemised with my own proven model, but it’s also flexible to deal with your quirks! I’ve been a business owner for over 30 years in lots of businesses and industries and I’ve coached hundreds of businesses. What I do works!


 It will


… give you your Mojo back…


… show you where your power is…


… find the hidden money you’re missing out on


… and (according to my clients, the best of all) it gives you an expert  who 100% believes in you and will do whatever it takes to help you get it.



BUT I will NOT drag you kicking and screaming – you must be a willing partner in your success and only make promises that you intend to keep.



You can’t get “pay up and show up” access to my programs. I’m very picky about who I work with so there is an application process.  We MUST be a good match. A sense of humour is a pre-requisite.



Email or call me to set up a 15 minute conversation about how to make this work for you.


phone 0413 739 196


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