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Member Name: Christine Sutherland

Position: CEO

Company Name: The Lifeworks Group Pty Ltd

Business Description: Sales/Performance Analyst, Consultant, Trainer

Reallogic Club: Joondalup Lakeside

Business Classification: Business Coach & Trainer

Mobile Phone: 0409 689 741

Business Phone: 0409 689 741    Business Fax:


Email Address:

Business Address: 40 Kersey Way, Carine, Western Australia, 6020




Skype: lifeworksgroup

Additional Information from Christine Sutherland — Lifeworks Group

Established 1999 – Delivering Exciting Solutions to the Problem of Inadequate Sales

leadgenfor business-coverMost SMEs are paying way too much to bring in sales, both in dollars and in time spent.  They are working way too hard to make those sales.

Very often a simple analysis will show the way to at least doubling sales in less than 90 days, regardless of the industry or market conditions.

We have developed the most cost-effective training and hands-on support to help business owners and sales professionals enjoy much better results, much more easily.

The initial no-obligation consultation is a mere $257 and provides the client with a detailed written plan, and a full 30 days of online training and support, including telephone/Skype support.

To get an idea of how we work, grab a free copy of the book “Easier Prospecting and Lead Generation for Business Owners and Sales Professionals” at


What Clients Say

“My first 2 months with you Christine, and I’ve broken my best record ever both months.”

“Month 1, won 3 listings, month 2, won 5 listings, month 3, won 10 listings – not bad considering I had big doubts those simple methods could work and only did half of what you recommended.”

“Crazy stuff! Who’d think that three little words would get me an 87% increase pretty much overnight.


A Special Site Just for Real Estate Agents

Cover-EasierProspectingandLeadGenerationforRealEstateAgents-activerainThe sales role in the real estate industry is intrinsically different from other industries and requires a different skill set and different strategies.

The book “Easier Prospecting and Lead Generation for Real Estate Agents” is available as a free download at

The exciting thing about real estate is that so much of current training available in the market place is little more than spin, paying scant regard to changed buyer behaviour, and teaching strategies that are expensive and yet have extremely low ROI.

The simple strategies taught at have created a great deal of controversy because they frequently clash with accepted wisdom, and yet achieve results that have previously taken years to accomplish.

This is how to avoid the painful 6-24 month learning curve that so many real estate veterans talk about. This is how to gain incredible momentum and market share almost from day 1 in the industry, and veterans who ignore this will quickly find themselves unable to compete.

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