real storiesWith the increased awareness surrounding the importance of video to everyone’s business, Reallogic has formed partnerships with a range of services to provide a total solution for your needs in the Digital and Print Marketing arena.   

Commencing on the 01st April 2014, Reallogic released a Media Package simply titled The Real Story where we provide you with the answers to your video, photographic, copywriting, social media and print needs.

In just two months we had a total of 39 Reallogic Members and other Business Owners jump in and produce their own story on video with the assistance of our very talented and specialist Lighting Cameraman. Most of their stories can be viewed on the Reallogic Video YouTube channel or on the website at

By now these videos should also be appearing on Facebook business pages, Websites, Linkedin and many other online outlets.

Would you like to tell your story ???




Tell Us Your Story:                                                 Personal Video Profile:                             

A Personal Video Profile  of the problem/s in your industry that you have specifically identified and how you can solve the issue for your clients through your unique business. This also becomes a very personal and genuine introduction to your prospective clients and one that allows them to see the real you. At this point they will feel more comfortable with you and start trusting you enough to personally help them.

 Your Business    Your Story:                    Business Video Profile:                             

A Business Video Profile  showing more of your workplace and how you and your team would go about solving the problems that your clients might have. Here you incorporate a brief introduction to you on a personal level and how you got to where you are. It would also incorporate more vision of the business workplace so clients can see and feel that you will take care of them.

Stories From The Heart:                                  Business Interview:                                  

A more comprehensive look at the inner you, How you got to where you are, Why you made the choices you have and How you built your business to the success that it is today. This is an opportunity to dig deeper into the real you and your success. Here we envisage having an interviewer work through a series of questions that take you on your journey so far. You may even wish to interview your staff on their particular part that they play in the success of your business. The options are unlimited.

Once Upon a Time Stories:                               You and Your Family:                             

Leave a lasting legacy to your family by producing a video of your unique story. Take your family on a journey of remembrance while there’s still time. Gather all your families stories together and document them for those who haven’t arrived in this world yet, for those who haven’t heard the stories and for those who will be left. Older generations may wish to reflect back on the life they have had, how hard it has been for them, or what they have achieved through the good and bad times. Other people will have stories of what they have personally conquered as they have grown up. What’s your story ?

The Story of Stills:                                             Photography:                                              

Capture your precious moments through the eyes of our Specialist Photographers. Our association with a wide range of specialist photographers means we can refer you to the very person who can capture your event in the best possible way. Our photographers have top quality credentials, something that you need to know if you are putting your trust in them for that special occasion. The camera will probably be the way many of you have told or recorded your stories until now. Come and have a chat to us to see how we can help you preserve your memories of the past and record new ones for the future.

The Story Teller:                                                  Copywriting:                                               

Are you having trouble compiling those stories for the production of your video, brochure or book?  We have specialist copywriters who can take all those ideas, memories and stories and assemble them all into a really understandable format for every occasion. If you have all the facts and can’t write the story, we have all the answers. Our copywriters are skilled in so many ways, not only for business but for personal requirements as well.

Your OnLine Story:                                         Social Media:                                     

Now you’ve done all the work and prepared all the information, got the video and the quality photographs, now what. Well lucky you came to us because we can now show you how to maximise your efforts to get the best results for your business utilizing social media. We can show you how to build actual campaigns for your business to attract more visitors to your business and how to convert them to sales. Our social media people are ready to speak with you and provide a detailed report on the way forward. Don’t undo the hard work and money spent to get this far, talk to us now and lets us help you.

Your Story in Print:                                            Print Media:                                      

The need to tell your story in print is very much part of most people’s business marketing strategy. These needs can range from Business Cards, D/L Flyers, Letterheads, Newsletters, Banners to Company Reports, to name just a few. You may also be wanting to convert all your hard work to a book on your business or your family. Our specialist printers can help you achieve the visual effect you want for this next step. After all, not everything is digital and some people still want something impressive to hold and read when they have time.


This really is the way to go.

Your Story    BUT 

We write it, We photograph it, We video it, We promote it and We Print it.

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