How to Update Your Member Profile at Reallogic – Video Tutorial

In this video tutorial Kirk O’Connor from Spanky Media shows you how to update your member page on the Reallogic website.

Kirk shows you how to login and how to add your profile information including your logo and profile picture.

You are also shown how to add and format “free form” information in the general editor on your member page in order to better promote your business.

And for those that have forgotten their password…

For those that have forgotten your username or password please follow the procedure outlined below.

Click the “login” link shown in diagram 1.

Enter your username or the email address you registered with for Reallogic.

Then click the “forgotten password link” shown in diagram 2.

A link to update your password will be sent to you via email.

Diagram 1 – Click the login link in the bottom right of any page

Diagram 2: Click the lost password link

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