Hayfever Still Bothering You ?

The dust mite is a microscopic insect that is found in high concentrations in bedroom mattresses, pillows, sofas, carpets, rugs and general dusty areas of the house. Dust mites love moisture and warmth, coming to the surface of mattresses at night while we sleep.

The waste products of dust mites cause aggravation in a range of conditions such as asthma, hayfever,allergies and sinus problems.

Steps to minimise dust mites in your home;-

  • Air and clean your mattress, covers and pillows regularly in the open air and sunlight
  • Remove fluffy toys, cushions, fluffy rugs, animal skins and curtains from the bedrooms
  • Wash materials in hot water and eucalyptus oil rinse
  • Vacuum and damp dust window sills, cupboards, shelves, etc twice weekly. Use a damp cloth instead of a feather duster
  • Put toys in a plastic bag and freeze for 24 hours and then wash in warm or hot water every few weeks
  • Use “dust mite free” bedroom accessories
  • Avoid lying on carpets or low areas where dust mites are concentrated
  • Keep pets out of the bedrooms and regularly vacuum areas they use
  • Wear a face mask when cleaning while dust is spread into the air
  • Discard unnecessary ornaments such as silk flowers as they collect dust and are difficult to clean
  • Keep books in an enclosed bookcase and make sure they are regularly cleaned
  • Close your windows on windy days and open on still sunny days
  • Invest in a vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter and motorised head which cleans carpets deeply and prevents the redistribution of dust into the air
  • Invest in a portable or fully ducted home air filter unit
  • Get professional cleaning for central ducted air-conditioners

In addition to reducing dust mites in your home, Naturopaths take a full case to determine personal attributes contributing to the allergic response. Several herbal preparations can be prescribed specific for an individual.

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