Seminar Programs

Reallogic Mini Seminars:

Reallogic has identified the need for SME business to have access to seminars and workshops where you can receive more individual training on certain subjects but in small groups. We have researched members and non members for a list of subjects that are required and will develop a seminar program to cater for these needs.

The seminar series will commence in February 2014, on a range of subjects as listed below. Class sizes will be between 6 to 10 persons thus allowing for more private tuition to each participant. A suitably qualified presenter or trainer on each subject will be engaged to run each seminar. The cost of each seminar will be kept to a minimum to ensure business support and attendance.

Areas of interest to be covered by these seminars include:

  • Social Media which includes Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter.
  • Video and You Tube to promote a business.
  • On Line Marketing and Web Design
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Trademarks and Intellectual Property
  • Human Resources and Staff Training
  • Good Health and Productivity
  • Photography

Members and Non Members wishing to attend these seminars should contact for further details and course outline.


Reallogic Maxi Seminars:

Throughout the year Reallogic will endeavour to conduct two Full Day Seminars where 3 to 4 guest speakers will present on a range of topics not generally covered by members within the Reallogic Community.

This year these seminars are planned for May and September 2014.

This forum will give all Reallogic members an opportunity to come together and enjoy the words of wisdom from some of Perth’s professional business people. On some occasions non members will also be able to attend these semianars.

Reallogic Joint Venture Events:

Reallogic is also very interested in any and all opportunities to joint venture with other companies to bring top quality speakers to the Perth business community.  Anyone wishing to discuss the possibility of Reallogic being involved should contact “The Networking Guy” on 0401 966 356 for further information.

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