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One of the main differences at reallogic is the fact that we endeavour to provide a range of Business Training & Education segments for all members at our normal club meetings every month. These educational segments are delivered by professional companies and will cover subjects such as, Networking, Business Techniques or Personal & Business Development/Coaching.
All members are encouraged to submit a list of business topics they would like to see covered by a speaker, so that it’s relevant to all members.

Then approximately every 3 months we have a Seminar afternoon where a range of speakers present Training & Education topics to the full reallogic community in the one meeting. This major event also provides an opportunity for all members of every club to come together and network on the one special day. These events are usually followed by a Sundowner.

In addition we are in discussion with companies who provide mentoring and training programs, on a more personal basis for you or your business. These courses are an opportunity for you to help understand where you might be positioned in the market and how you can progress to new heights through their personal tutoring. We will of course be looking to obtain these at a reallogic price.

Where possible we are looking at providing guest appearances from different organizations, including Sports, Media, Medical, Law, Universities or Charities to come and address us.

Club Meetings:

Club meetings are held every two weeks where members come together to build their relationships and discover more about each others business and how they operate. The meetings are an opportunity to further your understanding and trust in one another so you are comfortable to refer business within the membership.

Our meetings are generally no more than 90 minutes (although some people do stay longer) and members have the opportunity to showcase their business every fortnight. Members also take turns in presenting their business to the group during a 15 minute presentation every quarter.

reallogic Club activities are more like a mastermind group where you have the opportunity to discuss freely, areas of your business where you require help or advice. Having approximately twenty business owners around the same table allows for great feedback and generates new ideas on how you can grow your business.

Helen Frost HDZ_3190_LRGuest Presenters:

Once a month we endeavour to have a Guest Presenter in attendance at the meeting, so we can improve our business knowledge and skills. Speakers are engaged as a result of feedback from members on subjects that they would like to know more about. These subjects can be on any topic.

Members who have a good rapport with speakers on different subjects are also welcome to put names forward as Guest Presenters. It’s always great to have extra support from members when it comes to finding speakers.

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