Are You Starting a Business ?

20 Questions To Ask Before Starting A Business
Review these questions to gain insight into whether or not starting your own business is the right thing for you to do.1. What type of business do you (want to) have?

2. What is the purpose of this business?

3. Describe your key message or phrase for this business in one sentence:

4. What is your reason for starting your own business?

5. What is your product or service?

6. Can you list three unique benefits of your product?

7. Do you have data, brochures, diagrams, sketches, photographs, related press releases or other documentation about your product/service?

8. What is the product application? How can you use it?

9. What led you to develop your product?

10. Is this product or service used in connection with other products?

11. List the top three objections to buying your product/service immediately?

12. When will your product or services be available?

13. Who is your target audience?

14. Who is your competition?

15. How is your product different from your competition?

16. What is the pricing of your product versus your competition?

17. Are you making any special offers?

18. What plans do you have for advertising & promotions?

19. How will you finance growth in your company?

20. Do you have a management team in place to achieve your goals?

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