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Club meetings are held every two weeks where members come together to build their relationships and discover more about each others business and how they operate.

The meetings are an opportunity to further your understanding and trust in one another so you are comfortable to refer business within the membership.

Is there anything you should consider or know before you make a decision to join a Networking Organisation?

At Reallogic we are “KISS” theory exponents. We are not here to complicate matters for you, we are not here to hold your hand or stand over you. We will, however, provide every bit of support possible to make your association with your Club and its members a fruitful one. After all, your faith in us is as important as the return on your investment.

How to get with the programme?

Go to the top right of this page and complete the short form. We will contact you shortly to arrange a chat about how we might be able to add value to your business.

Why Choose Reallogic?

  • Fastest growing referral network
  • Relaxed, personal atmosphere
  • No committees or rule books
  • You decide your participation level
  • Accent on small/medium local businesses
  • Focus on building local communities
  • No pressure to “perform”
  • You don’t have to purchase meals at each meeting
  • Respect for individuals at all levels
  • Female friendly environment
  • Promote your business on our website

RealLogic Members


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The Benefits of Referrals

  • The hottest of hot leads
  • Far less expensive than advertising
  • Pre-qualified clients
  • Highest close rate per opportunity
  • Shortest time to close a sale
  • Referrals often come without competitors
  • Save you time prospecting
  • Leads and sales come to you
  • Avoid having to go cold calling
  • Pre-sale work has often been done for you
  • You become their ‘mate in the business’

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